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SSSoft, the leading computer software developers, is an organization which produces software programs on market demand, and according to the needs and suggestions of the valued customers, spectators, other experts of these fields. AcBooks is one of its products.

AcBooks™ is a series of financial accounting software of SSSoft©. It has been designed for general purposes: It can be used by manufacturers, wholesalers, as well as retailers.

All AcBooks™ Software are easy to use, they require no prior knowledge of Accounting or Accounting Software. They have the ability to produce all types of Financial Reports (from date to date) including Ledgers, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheets...

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SSSoft AcBooks™ support desk is always availeble in case you face any difficulty! In case of any technical problem, or inquiries about our products, feel free to call help desk, or even The Managing Director, Mr. Sher Shah.

We are very much contious about the fact that different organisations, require different things to be done using computer. For example, using electronic doors, or need some specific reports etc. In such cases, you may contact Mr. Sher Shah to make the neccessary arrangements.

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